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Inventory Sync - Maximum Listed Quantity

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You can configure Linnworks inventory synchronization to have threshold of levels that are being submitted to the channel. Primarily this is done to improve the speed of the inventory sync if your inventory levels change on a constant bases.  Consider the following example for eBay:

You have a Product A which is listed on eBay. By default Linnworks will submit the exact stock level you have in the inventory for Product A, so if you have 950 the available quantity for Buy It Now listing will be changed to 950. Whenever the product sells on another channel or stock level changes Linnworks will propagatethe change to eBay immediately. In many cases it makes sense to instruct the system not to submit changes to eBay if stock level is high enough to satisfy the immediate demand of the buyer on the channel. For example you can set Max Listed Quantity for Product A to 30, so that when stock level changes from 950 to 949, the stock level is not propagated to eBay. However if someone purchase Product A from eBay, Linnworks will change it back to 30. By the same token if the stock level falls below 30, Linnworks will be changing it on eBay as it decreases below the Max Listed Quantity.

The flowing chart shows changing stock level (blue line) and available listed quantity (red line). When the quantity deeps below 30, Linnworks starts changing available stock level. When it goes over 30, Linnworks will leave available stock level as 30.


The major benefit of setting Max Listed Quantity is synchronization speed. However avoid setting very low Max Listed Quantity as it will defeat the purpose of inventory synchronization, keep it above 10.

  • Max Listed quantity can only be set for linked listings.
  • It is set per each product in the inventory

Ways to set Max Listed Quantity

1. LinnLive Configurator

  • 1.1 Configs -> eBay Configurators
  • 1.2 Add New
  • 1.3 In the Main section of a configurator set the Default Max Quantity
  • 1.4 All new listings created using this configurator will have this value assigned, unless individual item has Max List Quantity set.
  • Max Listed Quantity will only be used for new listings, if no max quantity is specified in Linnworks.
  • During listing updates LinnLive will use Max Listed Quantity that has been set in Linnworks regardless of what quantity is set in LinnLive configurator.

2. Linnworks Channel Config

  • 2.1 Settings -> Channel Integration
  • 2.2 Select required eBay Channel -> Click Config
  • 2.3 Set the Default Max Listed Quantity
    • 2.3.1 All listings controlled (Revise/Relist) through this config will have this value unless individual item has Max List Quantity set.

3. Linnworks Inventory Item via Data Import

  • 3.1 Settings -> Channel Integration
  • 3.2 Select required eBay Channel -> Click Mapping
  • 3.3 Right-Click -> Import -> Min/Max Quantities
  • 3.4 This will set a unique value for each item defined in the imported CSV file
  • 3.5 This over-rides the value in the Channel Config

View Max Listed Quantity

  • Go to Settings > Channel Integration > eBay > Mapping
  • Right click on the column header
  • Select Column Chooser and double click Max Listed Quantity
  • This will show Max Listed Quantity for all listings
  • This column is read only, you cannot edit the values here

To bulk change Max Listed Quantity, you need to export the listings into CSV file, open it in Excel, change Max Listed Quantity and import the file back again.

  • In eBay listing mapping screen (see above), right click on the list
  • Export > Max Listed Quantity
  • Save the file as is
  • Open in Excel or any other spreadsheet application
  • Change the Max Listed Quantity to the desired values
  • Save the file
  • In eBay listing mapping screen, right click on the list
  • Import > Max Listed Quantity
  • Follow the steps in the import wizard
  • Once imported close and re-open eBay Mapping screen
  • The Max Listed Quantity column will be updated with the new values.

eBay Extended Properties

The original method for setting Max List Quantity on eBay only saved the values as Extended Properties on the individual SKU. This method is only supported when the config option of “Use SKU (Custom Label)” is un-ticked.

You can change the Max Listed Quantity for individual products manually for each integrated eBay account.

  • Max Listed Quantity is changed for each inventory item individually by setting an Extended Property
  • Go to My Inventory > find an Item you want to set the Max Listed Quantity for 
  • Edit the item 
  • Open Extended Property
  • Add/Change

Propery Name - MAX_LISTED_QTY_[SubSource], where Subsource is the subsource of eBay account. For example EBAY1 or EBAY6
Property Value – is the max listed quantity as a number
Property Type – Channel

  • Save the changes



For the channels that support Max Listing Quantity this can be achieved via importing data from the channel specific inventory mapping dialog. Example on how to do this for the most commonly used channels can be found from the following links

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eBay Inventory Sync - Max Listed Quantity

You can configure Linnworks eBay inventory synchronization to have threshold of levels that are being submitted to eBay. Primarily this is done to improve the speed of the inventory sync if your inventory levels change on a constant bases