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Purchase Order Management


Purchase Orders within Linnworks allows you to log and record what you are ordering in from suppliers to replenish your stock. The Purchase Orders functionality is very flexible and can be used to fully track your supply chain process from start to finish or to handle individual aspects such as emailing suppliers, raising purchase orders as quotes and to manage Just-In-Time reordering.

A Purchase Order is defined by one of four states:

Pending denotes that the Purchase order has been created but has not yet been placed with your supplier. Pending Purchase Orders don’t affect your stock levels.

An Open Purchase Order indicates that the order has been placed with the supplier and raised internally. Again, Open Purchase Orders don’t affect your stock levels, but will update the Due value in My Inventory.

Partially Delivered
Partially Delivered shows that some but not all of the Purchase Order items have been received.

A Purchase Order will be only marked as Delivered when all items from the Purchase Order have been received.

The Purchase Orders screen shows details of Purchase Orders as defined by the parameters above. You can filter Purchase Orders by date and by order status using the fields at the top of the screen.

The following options are available from this screen:

Choosing this option will allow you to email the supplier for the highlighted Purchase Order with the order details. The email template is completely customisable via the Template Designer, allowing you to format the message to suit your own needs.

Selecting Print will print a Purchase Order invoice for the highlighted Purchase Order.

New PO
New PO will allow you to create a new Purchase Order.

Edit PO

Edit PO lets you edit an existing Purchase Order.

You can delete a Purchase Order by selecting it and clicking this button. Purchase Orders that have delivered items in cannot be deleted.

PO Overview
Clicking the ‘+’ button to the left of a Purchase Order will show you details of all the items that have been included in that order.