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Migrating from Linnworks Local to Anywhere

Unfortunately the below process is no longer possible due to the continued changes in the structure of Linnworks since Local support was discontinued. If you wish to move your data to a new Linnworks Anywhere account, then please contact us, and we will see how we can help.

Due to recent changes in the architecture of Linnworks, there is now a different process in place for migrating from Linnworks Local to Linnworks Anywhere. The process normally takes no more than an hour once we have been provided with the backup file we require.

Before you begin, please contact us to ensure relevant technical staff are available on your chosen time and date. Once you have done so:

  • - Change your subscription type to your preferred Anywhere plan from your account page at We have instructions on this process here.
  • - Make a backup of your Local database using your maintenance tools (instructions for this process can be found here). We recommend you stop using Linnworks at this point, as any changes in your system after now will not be reflected in your new Anywhere database.
  • - Upload your backup file to a location we can access it. Given their normal size, we recommend uploading it to an FTP or a free, private file hosting service such as Dropbox.
  • - Raise a support ticket from your account page titled "Local Migration", and include a link to your  backup file. We will then migrate your database, and update your support ticket once it is complete.
  • - You can now install the new Anywhere from your client and connect to your database! Please follow the instructions here for this process.

If you encounter any issues in this process, or have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact us.