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MetaPack Integration Overview

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MetaPack Integration


MetaPack uses its integration with all UK and European carriers, to select, in real-time during the fulfilment process , the most cost effective and reliable service based on specific carrier capabilities, retailer preferences, customer requirements and shipment attributes and locations, including to over 200 international destinations.

Linnwork integrates with MetaPack services enabling you to allocate consignments to cheapest, quickest or most appropriate carrier and print shipping label directly from Open Orders interface at a click of a button. The generated shipping labels can then be sent directly to a printer or embedded onto the packing slip/invoice. The consignments can be created and allocated directly from Linnworks in bulk without any manual data entry whatsoever.

How it works

  • Linnworks Downloads all your new orders from all your selling channels in one place (eBay, Amazon, PlayTrade, Pixmania or your website(s))
  • You can apply your own rules to allocate to a specific Shipping Service within Linnworks or;
  • Allocate orders to MetaPack Cheapest or MetaPack Quickest service.
  • If an order is allocated to a specific carrier which is integrated via MetaPack, Linnworks will attempt to generate and  print the label for the specific carreir, or;
  • If an order is allocated to a Cheapest or Quickest service, Linnworks will create a consignment and ask MetaPack to allocate it automatically to a carrier.
    the generated labels are sent to a printer (single or multiple thermal, or standard laser printer), or;
  • The generated labels can be embedded onto an invoice with the integrated peel-off label (the peel off section must be 6 by 4 inches)
  • The tracking number and the allocated carrier for each order will be saved in the system
  • Once the order is processed the tracking number and allocated shipping service will be sent to the channel (Linnworks will automatically update status of an order on eBay, Amazon PlayTrade, Pixmania or your website(s) as despatched and upload the tracking numbers for the order). 
  • Linnworks can also email the customer the despatch notification, including tracking numbers and tailored PDF invoice.


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