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LinnLive has an extensive functionality to enable you to list your inventory to Magento in bulk. The process is streamlined using Magento Configurators which host common details of listings such as product attributes and categories the listings will be submitted to. LinnLive uses Extended Properties to better define the product specification. Read more about Extended Properties here.

Magento should be at least version
LinnLive is not currently compatible with Magento Go. Please do not try to integrate with Magento Go sites using the current plugin and method.

Basic Steps

  • Install extension: LinnLive extension has to be installed for Magento;
  • Integrate: Magento webstore you are going to list on has to be integrated both in Linnworks and LinnLive;
  • Map listings: if there are listings on your Magento store that were created outside of LinnLive, these have to be mapped to templates in LinnLive in order to be able to manage these listings;
  • Set up Magento Categories, Attribute sets and Attributes: in order to submit listing using LinnLive, Categories, Attribute sets and Attributes have to be created on Magento first;
  • Create Magento configurators: configurator is required to be able to create listings using LinnLive;
  • Create single item listings or variation listings: these types of listings are created from different screens in LinnLive.

Videos and Files

Magento Listings - creating and managing product listing on Magento from LinnLive

In this video we demonstrate how to enable LinnLive extension for Magento and post new listings to it from LinnLive2.

Magento - Creating configurable - multi variation products from LinnLive2

This video demonstrates how to create configurable products - multi-variation products on Magento from LinnLive2. Here we will show how to create attributes on Magento and add them to the Attribute Set, create Magento Configurator with variations. ...