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LinnLive has an extensive functionality to enable you to list your inventory to BigCommerce in bulk. The process is streamlined using BigCommerce Configurators which host common details of listings such as product attributes and categories the listings will be submitted to. LinnLive uses Extended Properties to better define the product specification. Read more about Extended Properties here.


Basic Steps

  • Integrate: BigCommerce webstore you are going to list on has to be integrated in Linnworks;
  • Map listings: if there are listings on your BigCommerce store that were created outside of LinnLive, these have to be mapped to templates in LinnLive in order to be able to manage these listings;
  • Set up BigCommecre categories and brands: in order to submit listing using LinnLive, Categories and Brands have to be created in BigCommecre back end first;
  • Create BigCommecre configurators: configurator is required to be able to create listings using LinnLive;
  • Create single item listings or variation listings: these types of listings are created from different screens in LinnLive.