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Configs Menu


Configs tab in the Configs section in LinnLive holds general settings for LinnLive and has 4 tabs: Global, CBT, eBay and Magento.


Global tab is where general LinnLive settings are selected.

    If there are CSS files that you are going to use when designing HTML templates, this is the place to specify links to the CSS files:

    - Insert the URL for CSS files in the External CSS links for HTML editors field;

    - Click Add CSS button;

    - Repeat the process to add all the required CSS files;

    - To remove the added CSS link, click the red cross to the left of the link;

    - Click Save to save changes.


    - From the Default stock location drop-down menu select the location whose stock level will by default be displayed in the Inventory and Variations screen in LinnLive. Note that this option does not affect any Linnworks settings.

    - From the Minimized tiles position drop-down menu select which part of your browser you want LinnLive tabs to be displayed. (Fig. 1.1)

  Fig 1.1  


If you are going to use Cross Border Trade when listing on eBay, this option has to be activated and configured in LinnLive in the CBT section. Plese refer to this documentation for more information.


    - In the Default paypal email field enter Paypal email that will be prefilled in your eBay configurators;

    - From the Description editor drop-down box select the editor you are going to use when creating listing templates in LinnLive. Plese refer to this documentation for more information;

    - Tick Don't show multiple image warning box to disable the warning message that appears when selecting Allow multiple images option in eBay listing templates.



In order to list products on Magento using LinnLive, Magento channel needs to be integrated in LinnLive. Magento channels that are already inegarted in Linnworks are listed in this tab. 

    - Click Integrate button next to relevant Magento site to integrate it in LinnLive (Fig. 2.1);

    - Once the channel has been successfully integrated, a tick will appear in the Is Integrated box;

    - Tick Perform Reindex box to enable reindexing on Magento. This will slightly slow down the process of creating listings on Magento, but will rid you of having to perform re-index in Magento backoffice.

  Fig 2.1  

More details on integrating Magento in LinnLive can be found here.