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System Advisor


The System Advisor is designed to highlight and prompt about any potential problems in your system, for example when an eBay item has not updated due to an error or checking for any unlinked items. The warning messages will be shown in the top left corner


At the top left of the Linnworks application there is a circle that will contain red or orange indicators if there any notifications (Fig 1.1)

Fig 1.1 Advisor_notifications_thumb.png

Advisor Screen

The Advisor screen displays a grouped list of the notifications.

  • Click Ignore to remove the notification and take no Action
  • Click Action to proceed with the required changes/updates
  • Full details on the actions available are detailed on the following pages
Fig 2.1 Advisor_notifications_thumb.png


*** Please be aware that if an Order Sync Error occurs, orders will not come down from the channel until the error has been rectified and if an Inventory Sync Error occurs your stock levels will not show correctly until the error has been rectified ***