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Fulfilment Centre and Drop Ship configuration

Configuration steps

Note: As of Patch 574,  Linnworks customers will start to see new options for Fulfilment Centre Functionality using For information on the new functionality, please see the documentation.

There are several configuration steps required to setup fulfilment center communication. Most common and simplest way to establish communication is via FTP flat file exchange. Flat file is simply a comma or tab delimited text file containing order information. In most cases the fulfilment warehouse or a drop shipper can easily read and process these types of files and provide fulfilment process status in a flat file for Linnworks to update order status internally.
Below is the list of basic steps you need to take to setup fulfilment center (assuming you are using FTP flat file export/import)

  • Create location in Linnworks
  • Set the location as Fulfilment Center
  • Enable Fulfilment Center order automation
  • Specify FTP connection details
  • Define columns and the format of the order export flat file.
  • (optionally) define the format and map columns of the order status update flat file

If you want keep stock levels up-to-date, you will also need to setup inventory levels import file, by specifying FTP connection details and file format.

Alternatively you can establish communication with the fulfilment center via URL post and query. This method is suitable if the fulfilment company you are using explicitly supports Linnworks fulfilment center communication or if the fulfilment company has some form of web services and you wish to setup an adapter for the working with the web service (this does require technical skills and a certain level of programming competencies) 

Inventory Tracking Options

There are two ways fulfilment centre stock levels (inventory) can be configured.

  • Stock levels are fully tracked and updated by the fulfilment centre – this configuration assumes that the fulfilment centre will update your stock levels via API or provide a feed with the current stock levels minus allocated orders immediately after the order is propagated to the fulfilment centre.
  • Stock levels are update periodically and do not include allocated orders – this configuration assumes that Linnworks will still deduct unfulfilled orders from available stock and will deduct stock from inventory once fulfilment centre notified that the order is processed.

To configure Linnworks fulfilment location to act assuming the stock levels fully maintained by the fulfilment centre and updated with no significant time delays make sure options Orders in fulfilment location affect stock levels and Fulfilment centre order process will deduct stock both turned off.

To configure Linnworks fulfilment location to act assuming the current stock levels are updated by fulfilment centre periodically (through feed, webservice or API) and do not include open orders, turn Orders in fulfilment location affect stock levels and Fulfilment centre order process will deduct stock options on.

See Fulfilment Centre Inventory updates and how available stock level works knowledge base article.

Note: You may only import files which are smaller than 10Mb (10485760 byte).

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