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User Management - Permissions and multiuser access

The user guide describes how to setup multiple user accounts. Each user account can be configured to restrict certain functions of the system. To take advantage of multiuser environment you need to ensure you have appropriate multi-user license.

Create and manage user account

To create new user account:

  • go to Settings > User Management
  • Click Add User
  • specify the name of the user, login and new password

To edit user permissions:

  • Click on the + sign next to the user
  • Double click on the Denied cell to disable a particular functionality for the selected user (red =disabled, gray = enabled)

When the user with restricted access is logged in, a small Lock icon will be enabled at the top of the screen. The user can view the restricted functions by clicking on this icon.

Reset Password:

  • Find the user for which you want to reset the password
  • Double Click Reset Password cell in the grid
  • Enter new password and click OK


  • You cannot change permissions for the Admin account
  • You cannot delete Admin password
  • For single user license you can only add one User account
  • For multiple users license you can add 1 + number of simultaneous users licensed for the system.

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