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Synchronisation in Linnworks is the process that keeps all of your integrated channels up-to-date. When you perform a Sync Linnworks interacts with all of your integrated selling channels and performs the tasks that you have set up in each channel’s Config. This can include any of the following:

    • Synchronise inventory levels between Linnworks and selling channels
    • Download new orders from selling channels
    • Submit fulfilment data
    • Mark processed orders in Linnworks as despatched
    • Dynamically end and relist items based on current stock levels

The following processes are also run on every sync if you have configured them:

    • Macros you have set up that are enabled
    • Any Import / Export routines
    • Split and Merge automation
    • Execute any external programs

The synchronisation functionality is very flexible and you can configure most selling channels to only submit the information that you need or want to send. You can configure your channels to only synchronise stock levels, to only submit shipping details back to your channels, just to download orders or any combination of these and more.

The system will only synchronise with your selling channels when you tell it to by clicking the Sync button under the Synchronisation tab. The licensed version of Linnworks has an auto-sync feature that allows you to periodically sync the system at set intervals, ranging from 10 to 120 minutes. As long as Linnworks is running it will automatically synchronise with all of your selling channels.

Synchronisation Methods

  • Manual Sync
  • Auto Sync
  • Autonomous Synchronisation