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Application Settings


Application Settings provides the ability to control global settings that are available within Linnworks.
Access to the features detailed in this guide is via Settings > Application Settings

Default Tax Settings

My Location

Select from the list of locations available in the drop box. This is the location / warehouse that you are working from, i.e. where the pc is located. Any orders processed will then deduct stock from the selected location and Open Orders will use this location for the stock level indicators.

Default currency

When creating new direct orders Linnworks will use the currency defined here. This must be the internationally recognised ISO currency codes, such as GBP, USD or EUR as defined by ISO 4217:2008. More detail on this standard can be found here.

My Country

When creating new direct orders Linnworks will use the selected country as the default country.

Manage Country List

To add new countries or edit Zones, currencies, codes and tax rates click the the Manage Countries List button. Details on the standards for the internationally recognised country codes can be found here.

Use Stock Item composition

Indicates that you are using Stock Compositions (bundles and packs) with Linnworks

Auto Synchronization

Sync Periodically

Set the time period (eg 10 minutes) between Auto Local Synchronisation. Changes to this time require a resatr of Linnworks for the change to take effect.

Unlock Sync

Only to be used if Synchronisation has locked up. This is to be used with caution as incorrect use may result in 2 Syncs running at the same time and may result in duplicate orders or order items.

Default tax settings

Default Tax Rate

All orders' tax coming from channels will be recalculated based on the tax value specified in Default Tax

Direct Order Tax

Indicate whether the retail price specified on the system includes or exclude tax (For Direct Orders onlys, i.e. those created using the New Order screen)

Purchase Order stock value

Indicates whether the stock value as calulated on purchase orders includes or excludes tax

Purchase Order Tax

Set the default tax rate on purchase orders to zero


Run Mean repricer every hour

For those subscribe to a Standard subscription or above, configure Mean Repricer to run more regularly

Stock Item Labels

Show prompt

When printing Stock Item Labels display a prompt to allow the user to enter a single piece of free text to be included on the label via the Custom Text field.

Prompt for each item

Force Linnworks to prompt for a unique piece of free text for each label printed

Stock Item

Enable kType Editing

Include the kType tab to be displayed when editing an Inventory item