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Fulfilment Centre Functionality in

In Linnworks, our Fulfilment Centre Automation is designed to allow you to connect Linnworks to any partners your business has to dispatch orders on your behalf. It includes the ability pass orders to them, receive order statuses back when complete, and get information from them about the stock they are holding, so this can be reflected in your own inventory levels and available stock levels online.

Note: As of Patch 574, some Linnworks customers will see these new options if they are not already using the Fulfilment Centre Functionality, or using a new account. Following this initial deployment, we will start to contact and transition customers who are using the functionality already onto the new version.

This update is designed to increase the performance and capability of this functionality. By moving the imports and exports for this functionality onto our servers, interruptions in power, internet or computing functionality at your business location will not be able to trigger overselling by stalling updates, just as with the Autonomous synchronisation update in 2014.

Configuring Fulfilment Centre Functionality

To configure these features in, there are 3 primary areas – Export Orders, Import Orders, Import Inventory. While you don't have to use all 3, you get the maximum effect by combining them:

Export Orders 

Export Orders passes order information as a CSV file from the Open Orders screen in Linnworks to your Fulfilment partner, enabling them to pick, pack and despatch stock on your behalf.

Import Orders

Import Orders allows the Fulfilment partner to pass back confirmation that the orders have been processed. This can include tracking numbers for you to pass back to the channel, enabling customers to track the progress of their purchase.

Import Inventory

Import Inventory imports stock levels for each SKU the Fulfilment partner holds for you into the Inventory location you created and enabled as a Fulfillment Center. This is based on a CSV file they make available with current stock levels. This allows you to include their stock levels in your Available Stock numbers on your listings via Linnworks.