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Database Utility

The Database Utility tool allows you to perform various database maintenance functions on your Linnworks database.

The Database Utility tool can be found by going to Linn Systems > Linnworks > Tools > Database Utility. 

Linnworks Anywhere

As an anywhere user the tool will alow you to create a snapshot and restore. Before running a restore, ensure that all users are logged out of Linnworks.

Linnworks Local

Linnworks Local is no longer provided as a solution for new customers from 8th July 2013.

Please refer to the following documentation for Linnworks Anywhere

As a local user the tool will allow you to create a backup of your database, restore your database to a previous “state” and create a test sandbox database for testing / training and perform database maintenance.

Ensure that all Linnworks clients are closed down before attempting any of the Database Utility functions.