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August 2013

Weekly Patch H418 - 28 August 2013


Features New sales channel -

Endicia Dazzle: Added DHL consolidator services


- Added warehouse code override to service config.

- Implemented WhyNot into consignments when the consignment is rejected due to validation. Messages return as a label error with more detail.

Template Designer: New expression added

- ParseDateTime

Scripting: New packaging methods available

- GetActivePackagingGroups

- Get PackageSizesByGroup



Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Big Commerce: 

- Order save bug fix

- Enabled bug fix

Fruugo: Minor bug fix

Magento: Compare Magento inventory to LW inventory and submit any discrepancies

Despatch Bay: Updated service urls

Macro wizard: Script save bug

EPOS: Refund bug fix



Hotfix H417


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Scripting: Script debug for autonomous sync was limited to 8000 characters.



Hotfix H416 -23 August 2013


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Multiple Channels Max Listed Quantity: Fixed Issue with items not updating correctly when max listed is set.

Amazon: Remove _IN_PROGRESS from the advisor

eBay: Resolved issue where merged orders caused excessive logging



Hotfix H415 -21 August 2013


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

eBay: Resolved issue where Max Listed quantity was not updating correctly.



Weekly Patch H414 - 20 August 2013



Metapack: Added the ability to replace email address with a default email address by source, e.g. Amazon

Purchase Orders Screen: Expected Delivery Date added to Purchase Orders column chooser



Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Big Commerce: Visibility supports Enabled option set within LinnLive

EasyWebStore: Inventory Sync for multiple accounts


- Address handling for non provided fields

- Mapping tool timeout fix

- Relist after end error fix

Generic Websites: Improved Advisor Messages

Magento:  Negative totals fix

Remove the Background: Additional System Advisor messages

Default Currency: Handle null default currency.

Data Export: Remove &#x0D

Royal Mail: Config printer validation

PDF Templates: Email Invoice rendering improvements




Weekly Patch H413 - 13 August 2013



Big Commerce: Store credit



Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Data Import: 

- Resolved composition error where file contains duplicates

- Stock Item Audit: Resolved issue where imports caused expressive logging.

Open Orders Screen: Remove from folder refresh corrected

Label Designer: Cannot drag items off page

Amazon: Improved sync progress reporting and improved inventory sync performance on load data.

ASP DotNetStorefront: 

- Improved inventory update checking on sync

- Fix for null values in ASP.Net Storefront Inventory Sync

Big Commerce: Inventory update fix


- Extract Inventory: Fixed issue where sku not importing correctly

- Increased performance on eBay mapping screen

Fruugo: Country fix and other minor bug fixes

3D Cart: Object Reference Not Set Fix.

Location Automation: Allow stock to be deducted when order is processed via FTP.


Hotfix H412 - 09 August 2013


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Product Image Importer: 

- Application Stopped Working Error Fix 

- GDI Error Fix



Hotfix H411 - 08 August 2013


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Mean Repricer: Sync Timing and Service Fix



Hotfix H410 - 07 August 2013


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

eBay: Fixed issue when eBay's official time could not be obtained

Fruugo: Fixed weight related bug in inventory sync



Weekly Patch H409 - 06 August 2013



Intu: New sales channel. Read more here:

Dashboards: Now in HTML 5

- Financial Summary

- Primary Dashboard

- Stock Consumption

- Query Data

- Inventory Dashboard

Stock Item History: Now in HTML 5



Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Manual Data Import: Fixed issue where supplier records against stock items where not being deleted correctly

Amazon: Future fulfilment time fix

Big Commerce: Added extra validation on configuration

EKM: Only downloads new orders and those with outstanding payments.

New Order Item: Stock item search control sorts by SKU

Direct Orders: Orders not showing items

Product Image Import:

- Fix use IsPrimary column when importing new images

- Added additional validation on setting primary image.Stock Item Screen: Stays at front on save



Hotfix H407 / 408 - 05 August 2013


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Inventory Screen: Resolved error where error produced when item was created from new row then user clicks off rather than pressing enter

Mean Repricer: Will sync once per hour even if Linnworks has closed between the sync points.