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October 2013

Weekly Patch H440 - 30 October 2013


EasyWebStore: Added Order Notes


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Analytics: Fix for Order items report in Linnworks Analytics, removes 'UNKNOWN' category.

Data Import Multi Price Import: Fixes Missing Title Error

Email: Fixed email delay for non generated emails.

Email Template Designer: Layout Adjustments

My Inventory: Copy Inventory Item Update

Open Orders: Shortcut buttons allocated correctly


UK Mail: Multiple International labels fix


- Processed FBA order marker will be set back to 0

- Correct refund link for Amazon Canada


Hotfix H439 - 25 October 2013


eBay Image Tool: Improved update tool to check images and highlight those smaller than the required size.


Bug Fixes

UI: Small User Interface adjustments

Shopify: Inventory fix


Hotfix H437 / H438 - 23 October 2013


Email: Abilty to define multiple email accounts (Documentation)

Bug Fixes

eBay: Inventory sync fix


Weekly Patch H436 - 22 October 2013


Complete Scan: Now supports SKU

Order Scripts: Run order scripts on the fly from the open orders screen by right clicking a selection of orders and selection Run Script from the Actions menu.

Amazon: Added UPSMI

Fruugo: Product feed support for users hosting their own images. Images can be added using an extended property


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Audit Trail Logging: Capture and handle a failed Audit Trail logging

Book In purchase orders: Fixed issue where stock value was not being calculated correctly.

Inventory Dashboard: Arithmetic overflow fixInventory Screen: Supports lower resolutions ( min 1024x600)

PlayTrade Lister: Updated UI and added filtering options

Stock Item Label: Fixed docking in batch print. Caused rows to be hidden.


 - FBA postcode fix

 - FBA composites fix

eBay: Config Screen resolution fix

Fruugo: Order XML

Magento: Download orders based on state instead of status, Adjustment calculation


Feature F435 - 18 October 2013

eBay: Tool to replace listing images for eBay


Weekly Patch H434 - 15 October 2013


Big Commerce: Added GiftCertificate discount

UK Mail: Auto Book Collection

Endicia Dazzle:  Added additional services

- Standard Post, Priority Mail Express, DHL Global Mail Standard mail Marketing Parcel, Priority Mail express international.

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Data Import : Fixed issue with extended properties import where excessive logging was caused.

Big Commerce: Properly add handling charge and wrapping cost

UK Mail: PackError & international service fix, allow book collection during active collection


Hotfix H433- 11 October 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Returns Refunds: Bug Fixed


Hotfix H432 - 11 October 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Process Orders Screen: Index Out Of Range Fix


Hotfix H430/431 - 10 October 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Processed Orders Screen: Object reference not set fix

Order View: Top tab selected first


Weekly Patch H429 - 10 October 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Scripts and Macros: Scripting template wizard now shows in alphabetical order

Item Linking: Fix for rare direct order linking issue.

Data Import: Fixed issue with extended properties import where excessive logging was caused.

EPOS: Refund Receipt - Card Payment Wording

Returns: Limit height of Locations drop down

Purchase Orders: Show cheapest supplier price and supplier fix

Open Orders:  New installs will default with filter tree expanded

Processed Orders: Prevents changes to already processed orders

FTP: Added stability to multiple ftp connections.

Fruugo: Feed upload fix

Hitmeister: End and relist bug fix.

Intu: Product feed fix, less chance of a timeout for customers with a large amount of products

Priceminister: Inventory mapping fix when user has no products on Priceminister

Shopify: Fixed updating from machines using different encoding.

Endicia Dazzle: Fix for Endicia customs weight