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July 2013

Weekly Patch H406 - 30 July 2013



Big Commerce: Stock Not Visible Option -

eBay: Max Listed, End When and Stock Percentage added to ebay functionality. This feature is only available where the option Use SKU (Custom Label) is enabled in the config.


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Label Designer:

- Width and Height in Label Designer must be greater than 0 and convertible to decimal format.

- Generic label PDF fix

PDF Invoice: Template PDF's exception fix for windows vista

Inventory Screen: Add new row fix

Batch Pilot: Shipping Label Print Condition Fix

Amazon: FBA Currency assigned correctly after shipping

ASPDotNetStorefront: Incompatible Characters handling in mapping tool


- Merged orders not being shipped on Ebay fix

- Improved error handling within ebay extraction tool

EKM Powershop: Test button fix

Fruugo: No more error message when no orders are found

Shopify: Resolved error on location mapping



Hotfix H405 - 24 July 2013


Bug Fixes

Endicia: Fixes customs value not exporting



Weekly Patch H404 - 23 July 2013

Picking List at Granular Level.


- Countries outside of EU will have VAT for products in their feed set to 0 (as instructed by Fruugo)

- Size, colour and weight (in grams) now included in feed Added extra validation on inventory feed results
Magento: New magento integration


Bug Fixes

EPOS: parked sale total recount

Fruugo: Minor Bug Fixes

Amazon: FBA Paid Status Fix

Endicia: Added option to set Max Customs Value for the entire order or for the item, depending on service. Previously it was only available for item.



Hotfix H403 - 18 July 2013


Bug Fixes

Endicia: Added option in config to enable prompts when printing, Default is unticked and therefore will not prompt



Weekly Patch H401 - 17 July 2013



Data Export: Automation Export allows ANSI and ASCII encoding


Bug Fixes

Endicia: Resolved issue where Max customs value and insurance value did not save correctly.


- Removed CustomCode option from eBay Config screen as this option is not required.

 - Incorrect Re-list Fix



Weekly Patch H400 - 09 July 2013



Printing: Printing now checks printer preferences for colour / Black and white.

EPOS: Gift Receipts

Autonomous Sync Channels Added:

- 3d Cart

- Asp Dot Net Storefront

- Buy

- Easy Webstore

- Ekm Powershop

- Fnac

- Fruugo

- Hitmeister

- Pixmania

- Priceminister

- Remove The Background

- Sears

- Shopify

- Volusion



Bug Fixes

Inventory Screen: Input String was not in correct format

Custom Bespoke Courier:  Expressions Fix

Template Designer: Resolved GDI error on load of designer

Purchase Order: Supplier Items window will no longer be persistantly in front of everything.



H399 - 08 July 2013


Bug Fix

Mean Repricer: 

- Mean Repricer Syncs every hour if set from within application settings.



H398 - 05 July 2013


Bug Fix

Mean Repricer: 

- Database utility now functioning again.



Features and Fixes H397 - 05 July 2013

Open Orders: 

- Parked Orders Fix - Parked orders were said to have been processed.



Features and Fixes H396 - 04 July 2013

Migration Tool: 

- Migration Tool fixed for new server permissions.

Royal Mail OBA: 

- Automated Barcode Allocation for OBA Service


Fruugo Inventory feed item description fix


Weekly patch H395 - 02 July 2013

Edit Item: 

- Increased text area for Meta Data field.

Purchase Orders:

Key Constraint Error fix


- Fix for FBA order sync

Data Import:

- Order Items assigned to location where location specified.

Automation Merge:

-Resolved issue where merge worker not executing

My Inventory

- Enabled resizing for Bin Rack column

- Grid Layout Saving