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November 2013

Hotfix H454 /455 -  28 November 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Advisor Resolution to sync error message
Endicia Dazzle Updated validation for consolidator
My Inventory Screen Changed docking for view options control to work with different screen sizes / resolutions
Magento Check for null on comments field
  1. Divide by zero error fix
  2. Handle bad datetime in inventory confirmation report
  3. Advisor message added to log inventory submission failure reason
Login Resolution to excessive login error



Weekly Patch H453 -  27 November 2013


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Amazon: Canadian ASIN fix

ASPDotNetStorefront: Config disappearing fix.

Fruugo: See extended item feed information before uploading feed

Manual Data Import: 

- Remove decimal limit on decimal numbers

- Product Description Import: Timeout fix

- Multi Listing: Null error fix

Macro Script Wizard: Multiline support for script parameters


- Configurables fix

- Customer notified notes

PlayTrade: Inventory Confirmation

Sync Exceptions: Log sync exceptions in advisor

Sync Priority: Added additional channels

UK Mail: Fix to KG conversion for international shipments


Hotfix H452 -  22 November 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

eBay Image Tool: Update to new eBay Service API

Sears: Order XML Saved


Weekly Patch H451 -  19 November 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

App Settings: Updated wording on Mean Repricer every hour tick box

Application Internal Logging: Sync unlock logging added

Data Import: kType Update

EPOS: Cash Draw now opens on payment completion

Inventory: Copy Stock Item copies image at correct resolution

Open Orders Screen: Double click and folder manager fixed


All Channels: Corrected sync order

Amazon: Fix to shipping confirmation logging

eBay: Fixed error where pending transactions caused orders to be deleted if accidental double sync was ran.


- Support for up to 5 images

- Includes category in the feed


- Save comments as Order Notes

- Inventory Sync Improvements


Hotfix H450 - 15 November 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

eBay: Additional files for eBay - linnlive price logging


Hotfix H449 - 15 November 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

eBay: Fixed error where BuyerId not provided by eBay


- Update to KTypes file

- Null fix

Yodel: Minor Fixes


Hotfix H448 - 14 November 2013


eBay: Price logging on sync (For LinnLive)


Hotfix H447 - 14 November 2013

Minor Changes

eBay: Added internal logging of Site Id and Currency for listing (For LinnLive)


Hotfix H446 - 13 November 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Adhoc Scripts: Fixed order selection

kTypes: Fixed field length for large kType numbers


Weekly Patch H444 / 445 - 12 November 2013


Yodel: Direct Integration

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Order Extended Properties: Save order fixed

Stock Item kTypes: Set Include and Exclude Years

Easy Webstore: Service updates to keep in line with EasyWebStore

Intu: Sync bug fix

Tesco: Save order XML


DPD and Interlink: UI adjustments.


Hotfix H442 / 443 - 08 November 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

DPD and Interlink: Minor bug fixes.

Stock Item Extended Properties: Fixed Attribute / value reversal issue

Email: Multiple emails fix.

Weekly Patch H441 - 07 November 2013


Endicia Label Server:

DPD Direct Integration:

Interlink Direct Integration:

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Amazon FBA USA: State to Code conversion

Big Commerce: Fix for connection issues with mapping


- Image Utility: Tool Improvements

- Reference number update fix

- Max listed quantity adjustments to support LinnLive global config

Email Notification: Button Encoding

Evaluation Engine: Supports the use of variables within expressions.

RoyalMail / Parcelforce: Now can use proxy settings set in application config.