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September 2013

Hotfix H428 - 24 September 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Template Label Designer: Toolbar returned


Weekly Patch H427 - 24 September 2013


Generic Shipping Label: PPI for Special Delivery

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Royal Mail: Airmail Logo repositioned

Despatch Bay: Login issue fix

Packing List: Payment Mapping Fixed

Easy Web Store: Create new composite stock level fix

Fruugo: Inventory update fixed for large changes

Shopify: Update for machines using different encoding

Hotfix H426 - 19 September 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Allegro: Update to database schema


Hotfix H425 - 17 September 2013


Email: Encoding supports eastern characters.

Fedex: Signature required option added to service configs.

Adhoc Export:

Exports Modified: Open Order Output Complete, Open Order Output Complete (Only Once)

Columns Added: Postal Service Code, Package Width, Package Height, Package Depth


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Endicia Dazzle: Added additional packaging and services

FBA: Calculation fixesMagento: Unit cost recalculation


Hotfix H424 - 13 September 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Edit Order Screen: Layout Fix

Big Commerce: Inventory Visibility


Hotfix H422 / H423 - 11 September 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Open Order Items: Html Tag Fix

Processed Order Screen: "Must declare @result variable" Fix


Weekly Patch H421 - 10 September 2013


Amazon: Gift wrap includes level

Fruugo: Update products already in feed with updated stock item information from the current listings tab.

Stock Item Screen: 

- Show the first image for the product when there isn't a primary image set.

- Additional formats added to the add image file dialog .bmp .jpeg All supported formats  

Shipping Velocity: Export NumberOfItems(ExChild)

Dropshipping: Supplier code added

Order Extended Properties: At present allows multiple tracking numbers for use with eBay


Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Cancelled Orders: Object reference not set error fix

Royal Mail: Save tracking number fix


Hotfix H420 - 04 September 2013

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

Amazon: Blank order notes fix


Weekly Patch H419 - 03 September 2013


Open Orders

- Adhoc export: Added Notes field for Order exports.


- Released updated file version

Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

BigCommerce - Improved sync speed and mapping tool load speed.

UKMail - Duplicated labels & multiple accounts service allocation fix

Channel Sync - Fixed issue where Listed quantity not being updated

Advisor - eBay 60 day ended listing fix.

Product Description Import

- Fixed encoding issue with google translate.

My Inventory

- Fixed tab causing stock item dimensions being recalculated where value hadn't changed.

- Fixed calculation on dimensions

Automation Import : Fixed issue with single quotes on import.

Data Import

- Fix field length issue where fields are being truncated

- Weight calculation fix

Orders - Fixed profit margin calculation on processed orders

Amazon Giftwrap - Updated giftwrap message to include giftwrap level