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BigCommerce Mapping


The purpose of this tool is to control listings and generate templates for listings that have been created outside of LinnLive. This tool allows to link listings with the items in your Inventory; or if the items do not exist in Inventory, mapping tool will let you create new stock items with a click of a button and generate templates for your listings.

Mapping Screen

Left hand side of the mapping screen displays information about BigCommerce listings. Right hand side lists inventory items. Maximum 100 listings is displayed per page. To browse through the pages use the bottom part of the screen. 


Settings button located in the upper left hand corner lets you select from the following settings (Fig. 1.1):

Download new BigCommerce listings - downloads an updated listing report from the channel;

Do not show mapped listings - excludes mapped listings from the list;

Do not show confirmation messages - disables confirmation prompts;

Work with listings - if ticked, system will show only single-item listings;

Work with variations - if ticked, system will display only variation product listings.


Viewing Listings

Drop-down box to the right of the Settings button contains the list of integrated BigCommerce stores. To show listings on a BigCommerce store select either Work with listings or  Work with variations from the  Settings menu, required store name from the drop-down menu located next to the Settings button and click Search. If you are using mapping tool for the first time or want an updated listing report for BigCommerce listings, select Download new BigCommerce listings first and then use search. To narrow down the search enter SKU or Title in the search field and click Search.

BigCommerce listings will appear on the left hand side of the screen. System will display listing URL, SKU, Name of the listing and Status. 

Each listing will have one of the following statuses (Fig. 2.1):

    MAPPED - mapped with template;

    NOT_MAPPED - mapped with inventory item in Linnworks but has no template in LinnLive or not mapped at all.


Mapping Single-Item Listings

    - Click Prepare  against not mapped listing for system to attempt to find a matching stock item in your inventory as well as relevant configurator for mapping. If stock item exists, it will appear on the right hand side of the screen;
    - Once the listing is prepared, its status will change to READY_FOR_MAPPING (Fig. 3.1):

    READY_FOR MAPPING in yellow background means that system has prepared the listing and it can be linked with a Linnworks inventory item;

    READY_FOR_MAPPING in white background means that system has not found any matching item and a new Linnworks item can be created;

    - During preparation system will pick the best suitable existing configurator for mapping. In case such has not been found, system will offer to create a new one using --Create new configurator-- option. If a configurator has been found, it will be displayed in the Configurator column and will be highlighted on a scale of red to green, where green means the configurator suits the listing well;
    - If the suggested configurator is highlighted in red, we recommend that you create a new configurator by selecting     --Create new configurator-- from the drop-down box;

    - Inventory item matching the listing will be displayed on the right hand side;

    - Select the stock item and click Link button to generate a template and perform linking. Listing template will be generated using the selected configurator;

    - If no inventory item identical to the listing has been found, then right hand side of the mapping screen will be empty;

    - In this case use the Search option available in the lower part of the right hand side to look for items in your inventory. Search can be performed by SKU or item title which have to be entered exactly as they are written in Linnworks;

    - If you find an item identical to the listing, click Link (Fig.5.1); 

    - If no item has been found, click Create button to create the stock item and generate a listing template for it using the selected configurator.



Note: Bigcommerce variations mapping is not supported by LinnLive.