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BigCommerce Configurator


Configurator defines which categories the product will be placed into and a set of attributes that will be used when listing the product. 


  • - BigCommerce must be integrated in Linnworks;
  • - BigCommerce categories and brands must be set up in the BigCommerce Admin.

Quick Guide

  • 1. Create a new configurator
  • 2. Define configurator's general settings
  • 3. Specify categories
  • 4. Add attributes
  • 5. Add variation attributes (only for variation products)
  • 6. Save configurator8.Duplicate configurator (if required)

Detailed Guide

1. Create a New Configurator

    1.1 Configs -> BigCommerce Configurators;

    1.2 Click Add New button to create a new configurator.  It will appear at the top and will have a standard name New BigCommerce Configurator(0) (Fig 1.1);

    1.3 Double-click on the cell in the Config Name column to change the default name of the configurator.

  Fig 1.1 

2. Define Site for the Configurator

    2.1 Click on the cell in the Site column. A drop-down box will open with the list of BigCommerce stores integrated in Linnworks. Select the required store;


3. Specify Categories

Categories available for selection must be set up in the BigCommerce Admin. Each configurator must contain the required category within the list of included categories.

    3.1 Click the Categories button for the required Configurator;

    3.2 Add all required categories by clicking the green "+" button (Fig 3.1);

    3.3 Click Save.

  Fig 3.1 

It is also possible to auto allocate listings on BigCommerce to the appropriate category through the use of Extended Properties. Read more about it here.

Note: If new categories have been created on BigCommecre, click Update button at the top of the BigCommecre Configurators screen for them to appear in LinnLive. 


4. Add Attributes

Attributes available for selection in LinnLive are BigCommerce standard product attributes.

    4.1 Click the button in the Attributes cell; 

    4.2 Use Add button to add attributes;

    4.3 Click on the attribute name to open a drop-down list with all available attributes (Fig 4.1);

    4.4 Select the desired attribute;

    4.5 If extended property was used to specify the item attribute, click the cell in the Extended Property column to select the required extended property;

    4.6 Enter a value in the Default Value cell. This value will be used, if item does not have extended property for attribute assigned;

    4.7 Click Save.

  Fig 4.1  Fig. 4.2 
Note: In order to use Brand_id attribute available in the Attribute Name list in LinnLive, brand name has to be created in BigCommerce Admin. All available brands will be listed in the Default Value drop-down box in LinnLive (Fig 4.2). Same brand names can be used as a value for the extended property representing BigCommerce brand in your system.


5. Variations

    5.1 Click the button in the Variations column;

    5.2 If only images attached to the main item of the variation group need to be used in the listing and all other images disabled, tick Use main item images only box (Fig 5.1);

    5.3 If main item of the variation group has an extended property for variation item title, map it with Extended property for variation title (Fig 5.1). Otherwise Variation Group Name will be used as the variation title;

    5.4 Click Add Attribute to add a variation attribute to the configurator;

    5.5 Enter the variation attribute name in the Option Name cell;

    5.6 From the Option Type drop-down box select the option display style (Fig 5.2);

    5.7 From the Extended Property drop-down box select the extended property for variation attribute that you added to each item of the variation group;

    5.8 In the Default Value cell add a value to be used when a variation item has no extended property for variation attribute;

    5.9 Click Save.

 Fig 5.1  Fig 5.2 

6. Save Configurator

    6.1 Tick Manage Stock before saving configurator, if you want the stock levels for the listed products to decrease when sales are made; 

    6.2 Tick Show checkbox to make the configurator visible in the Inventory screen;

    6.3 Click Save button at the top of the BigCommecre Configurators screen to save the configurator.


7. Duplicate Configurator (if required)

LinnLive offers the possibility to duplicate configurators to save time when there is a need to create several identical configurators which differ slightly. E.g. if you need to have identical configurators for the same site and attribute set. Sometimes it is faster to duplicate a configurator and alter it than create a brand new configurator.

When a duplicated configurator is created, "(0)" is added to the end of the configurator's title. This title can be edited.

    7.1 Select the configurator to be duplicated;

    7.2 Click Duplicate button at the top of the BigCommerce Configurators screen (Fig 7.1);

    7.3 Duplicated configurator will appear at the bottom of the BigCommerce Configurators screen (Fig 7.2);

    7.4 Alter the settings of the configurator;

    7.5 Click Save button at the top of the BigCommerce Configurators screen.


8. Revise Configurator (if required)

If information in the BigCommerce configurator has been changed and needs to be updated on the channel, use the Revise configurator option. During revision each listing associated with the configurator will be updated.

    8.1 Select the configurator to be revised;
    8.2 Click Revise Selected button at the top of the BigCommerce Configurators screen (Fig 8.1);
    8.3 Review the information about the selected listings (total number of single listings and variations to be revised) before revising the listings (Fig 8.2);
    8.4 Tick check-boxes against the parameters to be updated on all the selected listings (Fig 8.2);
    8.5 Confirm by clicking Revise button.
Fig 8.1  Fig 8.2