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Overview inventory synchronization allows you to synchronize your stock levels with listings. The feature is designed to prevent you from overselling on when an item is sold on another channel (such as Amazon,, Magento or any other type of web-sites). It also makes it easy to take control of your listings on so there is no need to adjust listings.

The system will perform the following tasks:

  • Revise the available quantity on to reflect your stock level
  • End listing/Close when stock level is 0.

How to use 

To enable inventory synchronization go to Settings > Channel Integration

From this screen you can add, delete and modify selling channels that you wish Linnworks to integrate with.

To enable inventory synchronisation for your eBay account click the coloured under the Enabled column to toggle between Red (Disabled) and Green (Enabled).

Mapping listings to inventory

For inventory synchronization to work you need to link listing to an inventory item. The linking is done automatically when possible, and all listings that don't match any of the products will need to be linked manually.

Click on the Mapping button for each integrated account in Settings > Channel Integration to bring up the Mapping tool.

This screen displays all your Active listings on for this account.

From this screen you can do the following actions:

  • Link listing manually - this will also be applied to all listings with the same titles and SKU automatically. So you don't have to do the manual linking again;
  • Unlink listing manually - this will remove all existing mappings to the product for all listings with the same title/SKU;
  • Create new inventory item

How to use the Mapping Tool

First an Listings Report is needed, to get this log into

Under the Manage Inventory section click on Download your Currently Posted Listings, click on Request Export Download, this will then request an inventory report from you will need to wait for your inventory report to be produced. To Check if its ready just clikc on the Check Export Status.

Once the report is available, click the to download it and extract the Listings text file from the Archive.

Next go to Settings -> Channel Integration and click on Mapping. Once the mapping tool is open click on Load from CSV  on the top bar.

This will then load your listings into the mapping tool and load any linking that may exist already.


  • All your listings are on the left hand side, you can search for products in the inventory on the right hand side by typing a search term in the field provided and pressing Enter;
  • To link a product with the listing, select the listing on the left hand side and double click stock item on the right hand side;
  • To Unlink, Create New etc right click on the list of listings to bring up popup menu;
  • To search the list of listings use filters on the top of the grid;
  • Note that all actions are instantly saved on the database;
  • In order for you to see the mapping you need to load the CSV each time;

Updating Pricing, Shipping and Item Condition

Upon updating inventory requires price, shipping setting and condition, therefore these properties are stored in Linnworks.

When an item is mapped Linnworks will import these properties from the inventory report for the first time, after which these must be updated in Linnworks.

To change the price go to Inventory Control -> My Inventory, find the item that you wish to update, click Edit Item then go to the Listing Descriptions and modify the price under the Product Pricing by Channel.

The shipping and condition information can be found in the Extended Properties section of the Edit Item screen.

The Condition of a SKU will have followed by the name of your source followed by the SKU. In the value column this is the id of the condition for,  if not provided it will be set to 1

Valid Condition Id’s

  • 1 = Brand New
  • 2 = Used-Like New
  • 3 = Used-Very Good
  • 4 = Used-Good
  • 5 = Used-Acceptable
  • 10 = Refurbished

The shipping value is used to determine if you offer expedited shipping or not, if yes then set to 1, otherwise set to 0. If not provided or empty it will default to 0.