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Rakuten UK Inventory Mapping


The Inventory Mapping tool allows you to link the listings on your Rakuten UK channel to the Linnworks inventory items, so that orders, when downloaded, are connected to the appropriate SKUs and stock levels are updated correctly

Accessing the Mapping Screen

Use the following steps to open the 'Inventory Mapping tool' for a Rakuten UK Channel

  • 1. Click Settings (Fig 1.1)
  • 2. Click Channel Integration (Fig 1.2)
  • 3. Click Mapping for the required Rakuten UK channel(Fig 1.3)
Fig 1.1 Fig 1.2 Fig 1.3 Mapping
  • 4. The mapping screen will be displayed showing the links between Listings and Inventory Items (Fig 2.1)
  • 5. Rakuten works using reports to provide the active listings
    • The mapping report is retrieved by Linnworks' servers every 30 mins. If an item has been listed recently, it may not show in the mapping screen until that report is retrieved.
    • When you setup your Rakuten integration and enable it, your shop is added to the list of reports to be retrieved. This is not then downloaded until the next 30 minute interval.
    • When you are close to the retrieval time for a new report, you will receive a notification when you open the mapping screen to warn you of this.
    • There is a button labelled 'Force Mapping Refresh'. This allows you to pre-empt the schedule and update the Mapping screen with a fresh report. (Fig 2.2)
There are certain restrictions to the use of the 'Force Mapping Refresh' button. Please see the 'Force Mapping Screen Refresh' section at the end of this document.
Fig 2.1 Rakuten MappingFig2.2 Force Mapping Refresh

The Mapping Screen in Detail

Please note: You cannot create inventory items from the Rakuten Mapping screen, you can only map Rakuten listings to inventory items already in the Linnworks inventory.

The mapping screen can be divided into the following sections:

Site Properties

The Site Properties displays the name of the integrated channel, overall numbers of listed/mapped items and the option to set up Min/Max Listing quantities via a CSV import

  • Site ~ The friendly name for the Rakuten integration within Linnworks
  • Total Active ~ The number of listings currently available on Rakuten
  • Linked ~ The number of Rakuten Listings mapped to Linnworks Inventory items
  • Unlinked ~ The number of Rakunten Listings NOT mapped to Linnworks Inventory items

  • Import Min/Max Quantitiescontrol the stock levels that are sent to the channel during the inventory synchronisation so that it is not required to share all of your stock on a specific channel

Main Panel

The main panel provides a view of all items currently listed on Rakuten along with linking details of the Linnworks Inventory Item

When opened the main panel displays the following 4 columns

  • Ignore Sync ~ Used to prevent Linnworks from submitting any stock level updates to Rakuten for a specific Listings (This is enabled when marking an item as 'unlimited' in Rakuten. Linnworks will not disable 'Ignore Sync when you remove that setting from an item, you must do so manually.)
  • SKU ~ The Rakuten SKU for the listing
  • Item Title ~ The title of the Rakuten Listing
  • Linked To ~ The Linnworks SKU that the listing is mapped to

The following additional columns can also be displayed when required by selecting Column Chooser from the header row right-click popup menu

  • Last Update ~ The date/time an update was made by Linnworks or Rakuten in relation to the listing
  • Update Status ~ Confirmation of the status of the last update made
  • Submitted Quantity ~ The level last submitted by Linnworks to Rakuten
  • Max Listed ~ This specifies the maximum level that will be sent to the channel
  • End when ~ When the available stock level gets to the specified value the listing will be ended
  • Percentage ~ This will submit a percentage of the current available stock level to Rakuten

Search Panel

This panel is used to search the Linnworks inventory by SKU for items to manually link to the Rakuten Listings in the Main Panel.

  • Use the search box at the top of the Search Panel to enter an SKU or partial SKU, then hit Enter on the keyboard to search the Linnworks Inventory for it. Results will be shown below
  • Select the required row for the listing you want to link in the Main Panel
  • Double click the search result in the right-hand Search pane you want to link to the listing highlighted in the Main Pane. This will then populate the 'Linked Item' cell with the details of the selected Linnworks inventory item

Force Mapping Screen Refresh

The following restrictions are in applied to the Rakuten 'Force Mapping Refresh' functionality

  • The 'Force Mapping Refresh' button will only work if the Rakuten channel integration is enabled.
  • It can only be run once in a 4 hour window. 
  • Attempting to run the Refresh again within 4 hours will return a message warning you to wait for 4 hours between use.

'Force Mapping Refresh' is only intended for use under the following circumstances. Please don't use it for reasons other than this unless instructed by a Linnworks Support Specialist.

  • If listings are missing, and the mapping refresh has run since adding them. It is possible to check this in the Automation Logs in The event to look up is 'RAKUTEN_MAPPING_SYNC'.
  • If the SKU of an item has been changed on the Rakuten store  and there is a need to remap the listing.
  • If an item has been deleted item from the Rakuten store and there is a need to ensure it is no longer displayed in the mapping screen.
  • If a Variation listing has been edited on the Rakuten store to add or remove items from it and there is a need to update the mapping screen to reflect this.
  • When you setup your Rakuten integration and enable it, you are added to the list of reports to be retrieved.