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How should I process my orders?

Where should I process orders for my selling channels?

Linnworks is designed to do order processing in one place. With selling channels, order processing on Linnworks is centralized where orders can be processed on Linnworks
and then order updates are pushed out to your selling channels.

Order processing should be performed only on Linnworks, and not on your selling channels - this is because processing orders on selling channels and then on Linnworks will
cause Linnworks to overwrite the order process on your selling channel. This may cause issues with orders appearing to be dispatched late, which may affect your statistics
on the channel.

What would happen if I process orders on my selling channels and then on Linnworks?

If you process an order on your selling channel and then on Linnworks, the following actions will occur:

* Linnworks will update the order on your selling channel with the details as they are in Linnworks.
* Linnworks will alter the time of despatch for your order.
* A despatch email may be sent out again for the order.

In order to keep the data consistent across your selling channels, we strongly recommend that you only use Linnworks for processing orders.

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