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Order Life Cycle

The 21st century provides sellers with numerous methods for making sales, either over the internet or in a warehouse/shop outlet. These methods include telephone sales (direct sales), POS/ePOS for entering direct sales, sales through web-selling channels, via web-site cart, etc.

Linnworks Order Management and Stock Control system is designed to handle all of these methods in one place and provides complete order life cycle management.

No matter which method the customer chooses to purchase from you, Linnworks system allows you to effectively receive orders across different selling venues and from points of sales, print invoices and labels for received orders, reduce order fulfilment time and mark orders as processed.

Once an order is processed, the system can be implemented further to deal with shipping management aspect by sending automated despatch notification e-mails to customers and by printing postage labels for all orders with customer delivery information included.

Last but not least important functionality available in Linnworks order life cycle management is the way the system deals with customer returns, resends and exchanges.