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Print Stock Item Labels

Print Labels

You can print Stock Item Labels either on an individual item or multiple item basis.

Go to Inventory Control > My Inventory

Print Individual Items

  • Select the item for which you wish to print Stock Item labels
  • Click the Edit Item button
  • Click the Print Labels Button
  • Enter the Print Quantity and click the Print Button

Print Multiple Items

  • Click the Print Labels button

  • Enter a search criteria (minimum 3 characters), this can be SKU or Item Title
    • To return all items, please input the following: %%%
    • The percentage symbols will work as a wildcard character and will return all items from a specific location or category.
  • Select a Category from the drop down if required
  • Select a Location from the drop down if required
  • Click Find to return a list of all inventory items that meet the search criteria
  • By default no items are selected and the Print Qty will match current stock levels
  • Either select the items individually or click Select All
  • Any items that have quatity greater than 0 and are selected will be printed
  • To quickly set the same quantity for all items
    • Tick Use Default Print Qty
    • Enter a quantity into Default Print Qty box
    • Click the Find button
  • Print Qty can also be manually set on each individual row
  • Click the Print button
Fig 1.1 

Label Designer

The Label Designer is used to define then layout of Stock Items labels and works in exactly the same way as Template Designer.

  • Go to Inventory Control > My Inventory
  • Select any item in My Inventory
  • Click the Edit Item button
  • Click the Label Designer button


  • Go to Inventory Control > My Inventory
  • Click the Print Labels button
  • Click the Label Designer button
Fig 2.1 
For more detail on the Label Designer click here  


To add a new label simply drag and drop it to the template. To change it's size drag on of it's corners. To change it's position, click on the label and drag it to the position you require. You can also use the arrow keys to move the label.

Please Note: The Image control is for a static image, such as your company logo. You can not place an image of the stock item on the label.

Editing a Label Object

To edit a label object double click on it. A new box will appear where you can edit the label. Fig 3.1 

From the above screen you can edit the labels Font, Font Colour, Fill, Text Alignment, Borders.

You can insert variables from the Variable menu. Variables are dynamically created tags that generate text about the order. For example if you wanted to insert the stock item SKU, you would choose Item Number from the variables menu. This would insert the following tag [{ItemNumber}] which would display the stock item SKU when the label is printed.

Another feature of labels is you can display a barcode of the text youhave inserted or the text generated by a variable. This can be very useful if you wish to have order numbers with barcodes. The barcode it self is a 3 of 9 variable length barcode.

For full documentation on editing the layout please refer to links below on Template Designer.