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Archived Transfers


The archive transfer screen displays transfers that have been delivered, or deleted. From this screen, search, filter and view these transfers.

There are three tabs that display transfers, these are as follows:

  • All - Displays all transfers.
  • Search - Displays transfers filtered by SKU, Title, Barcode, Transfer Reference, or Bin Ref.
  • Between Dates - Displays transfers filtered where the created date is in between the selected dates.
Note: To view a transfer, click on the magnifying glass icon.

Search Transfers

The search tab offers multiple search options to search for archived transfers, these are as follows:

  • SKU
  • Title
  • Barcode
  • TransferRef
  • BinRef

Select a search option, then enter a search term and click on the search button to search archived transfers. Fig 1

Fig 1  Search

Search Between Dates

The Between Dates tab allows you to filter archived transfers by the created date.

Select a from date, a to date, then click on the search button to start the search.Fig 2

Fig 2  Search Dates