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eBay Mapping

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The purpose of this tool is to control listings and generate templates for listings that have been created outside of LinnLive. This tool allows you to link listings with the items in your Inventory, or if the items do not exist in Inventory, mapping tool will let you create new stock items with a click of a button and generate templates for your listings.

Mapping Screen

Left-hand side of the mapping screen displays information about eBay listings, whereas right-hand side lists inventory items. Maximum 250 listings is displayed per page.

Settings button located in the upper left corner lets you select from the following settings  (Fig 1.1):

Do not show mapped listings - excludes mapped listings from the list;

Do not show confirmation messages - disables confirmation prompts;

Add all possible extended properties - when creating a listing template during mapping process, system adds extended properties to the item. Extended properties for Shipping Prices, Item Condition, Variation Attributes are always added;

If you tick Add all possible extended properties -  all specifications (attributes) from the listing will be added to extended properties. If you leave it unticked then only those specifications will be added to extended properties, that already exist in your system (system will check what extended properties are already specified for items in your inventory), or only most popular extended property names will be used (like Size, Style, Type, Age, MPN, Brand, Main Colour, Features, Color, Colour, Condition, Source, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Gender, Appearance, Battery, Category, Label, Material, Name, Currency, Warranty) and no extra extended properties will be added (like Shoe_Size, Jacket_Size, Shoe_Colour, Jacket_Colour etc).

Parse Short Description – tick this option for the system to separate product description from HTML Template during mapping;

Work with listings - if ticked, system will show only single-item listings;

Work with variations - if ticked, system will display only variation product listings;

Filters - lets you choose listings with what status to display in the mapping screen: Not Mapped, Mapped With Inventory or Mapped With Template.

  Fig1.1  Fig1.2 

Bottom panel of the left-hand screen shows summary for the listings displayed on the page (Fig 1.2): how many listed, how many mapped, how many not mapped. You can browse through the pages by clicking arrows located on the bottom panel.

Viewing Listings

Drop-down box to the right of the Settings button contains the list of all integrated eBay accounts. 

To show all the listings on a channel, select the required account and click Download new eBay listings

To accelerate mapping process, we cache eBay listings in our database. If you want to refresh cache (and download new listings) – you need to click Download new eBay listings. After that you can simply search through these listings by using search panel at the top of the screen. You can search by: listing Id, SKU or a word contained in the item title.

eBay listings will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. System will display listing titles, SKUs, Item IDs (listing eBay numbers) and Statuses.

Each listing will have one of the following statuses (Fig 2.1):

NOT_MAPPED - listing is not linked with an inventory item in Linnworks;

MAPPED_WITH_INVENTORY- there is a link between the listing and a Linnworks inventory item;

MAPPED_WITH_TEMPLATE- listing is linked with an inventory item in Linnworks and has a template assigned to it. 

   Fig 2.1 


Working with listings

- Select Work with listings setting to get the list of all single-item listings;

- For a listing with NOT_MAPPED status click Prepare;

- System will download all the data related to this listing;

- The status will change (Fig 3.1):

READY_FOR_MAPPING status means that system has prepared this listing and it can be linked with a Linnworks inventory item, or a new Linnworks item can be created, if system has not found any matches. 

  Fig 3.1
READY_FOR_MAPPING in yellow background means that LinnLive has found a Linnworks inventory item identical to the listing.
READY_FOR_MAPPING in white background means that no Linnworks inventory item matching this listing has been found.

- If after preparation listing's status is LISTING_CLOSED, this means that at the moment of mapping the listing is closed. LinnLive does not allow to map such listings.

- During preparation system will pick the best suitable existing configurator for mapping. In case such has not been found, system will offer to create a new one;

- Configurators for mapping will be available in the drop-down menu. New configurator will always be available in the drop-down box, be written in red and have standard name New config based on #xxxxx listing. This name can be changed by clicking Edit button located next to the new configurator name;

- Suggested configurators will be displayed in the Configurator column and be highlighted on a scale of red to green, where green means the configurator suits the listing well (Fig 4.1);

- If the suggested configurator is highlighted in red, it means that this configurator is missing attributes and/or categories for mapping given listing. However you can still use this configurator. During mapping system will update the selected configurator with all the required information.

  Fig 4.1 
Existing configurators that have default values specified for Shipping Service will not be offered to be assigned to any template generated during mapping.

- If you map listing with an existing configurator, mapping tool will append additional shipping services, specifications and variations  to this configurator.

- Inventory item matching the listing will be displayed on the right-hand side;

- Select the item and click Link to generate a template and perform linking;

- If no inventory item identical to the listing has been found, then right-hand side of the screen will be empty;

- In this case use Search available on the right-hand side to look for items in your inventory manually. Search can be performed by SKU or item title;

- If you find an item identical to the listing, click Link against it;

  Fig 5.1 

If no item matching the listing has been found in your inventory, click Create against the listing to create a stock item and generate a listing template for the listing using configurator specified in the Configurator column;

- Clicking on Link or Create button will bring up Confirm mapping window where shipping services specified in the listing will be reflected (Fig 6.1);

- Extended Properties for the shipping services used in the listing will be created within the configurator. You will have to either re-map them or confirm and save;

- The same Extended Properties will also be created within the item's extended properties.

  Fig 6.1 

If Parse Short Description option is enabled, Confirm mapping window will have two tabs: General tab where Shipping details are confirmed as described above and Description tab where configurator's HTML Template and item description can be modified. These fields will be filled automatically by the system:

- During mapping LinnLive will check description compatibility between eBay listing and selected configurator;

- If descriptions are not compatible, system will prompt: Can't parse short description from listing. Configurator is not suitable;

- In this case select another configurator from the drop-down menu or use new configurator for mapping the selected listing.

- If configurator is suitable, LinnLive will try and extract item description from the listing template and insert it into the Template description (short description) section in the upper part of the Confirm mapping window;

- In the Configurator description section in the lower part of the window [{PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION}] tag will appear instead of the extracted short description (Fig 7.1);

- If system could not separate item description from listing template and left it untouched, upper part of the window will display Short description is not specified message and lower part of the window will say [{PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION}] tag is not specified (Fig. 7.2). In this case you should extract the item description manually:

  Fig 7.1  Fig 7.2 

    - Click Edit Description button under Configurator description to edit HTML Template. Copy item description into notepad, remove it from HTML Template and add [{PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION}] tag instead of it;

    - Click Accept Description to save changes that have been made to the description. Clicking Reset Description will cancel changes;

    - Once item description has been removed from HTML template, click Edit Description under Template description (short description) to insert product description;

    - Click Accept Description to save changes. This description will be saved in the Listing Descriptions section for given stock item. Clicking Reset Description will cancel changes;

    - Click Back button underneath Configurator description to go back to the General tab, if required;

    - Clicking Save button will save item description, configurator description and close the window;

    - After you have linked listings with existing inventory items or created new inventory items, the status will change to MAPPED_WITH_TEMPLATE.


It is advisable to generate templates within the same configurator. However, if your listings are completely different from the configurator details, you have to create a new one.

Listings with MAPPED_WITH_INVENTORY status are already linked with Linnworks items. You only need to generate a template, which can be done by clicking Prepare button next to the listing. The process is the same as described above.


Listing Right-click Menu (identical for simple and variation listings)

Right-clicking Listing status on the left part of the mapping screen brings up a menu with the following options (Fig 8.1):

Copy- copies the status;

Prepare listing for mapping (available, if the listing is not mapped with a template yet) – prepares the selected listing for mapping;

Prepare all listings for mapping- prepares all the listings on the selected page for mapping;

Unlink listing and delete template (not available for not mapped listings)- removes the link between the listing and the inventory item, and erases template (this does not remove the item from Linnworks Inventory).

  Fig 8.1 

Working with variations

In order to list variation listings, make sure Work with variations setting is selected to show variation product listings.

The screen interface and the statuses of the listings are the same as for Working with listings.

    - Click Prepare button against the variation listing for LinnLive to search for a matching variation in your system;

    - During preparation system will pick the best suitable existing configurator for mapping, as well as will offer to create a new configurator;

    - If a matching variation is found, click Link next to it;

    - A Variation mapping window will pop up where all variations of the listing will be shown on the left-hand side.

    LinnLive will retrieve inventory items of a given variation group and display them on the right-hand side of the Variation mapping window. Inventory items identical to the listing items will be matched automatically and highlighted in green (Fig 9.1).

  Fig 9.1  Fig 9.2 
After preparation variation listing can be also disabled and highlighted in grey (Fig 9.2). It means that some SKU's in this variation listing are already mapped with Linnworks inventory and located in different variation groups. We do not allow to map such listings as it is hard to resolve such conflicts.

    - If there are items in the variation listing that could not be located by the system in your Inventory, they will not be highlighted in any colour (Fig 10.1);

    - In this case use Search available on the right-hand side of the Variation mapping window to look for items in your inventory manually. Search can be performed by SKU or item title;

    - Each item that matches search criteria will have Link button against it (Fig 10.2);

    - Select item in the variation listing that was not matched automatically by the system and click Link next to the product that you want it to be linked with, if such has been found;

    - Each item that matches search criteria will have Link button against it. Select the item in your variation listing that was not matched automatically by the system and click Link button next to the product that you want it to be linked with;

    - Alternatively, create a new item in the Inventory by clicking Create next to the item in the listing;

    - Clicking Map To Existing Variation Group button at the bottom of the Variation mapping window will generate a template for the variation listing and create additional items you have created (if any) during mapping.

 Fig 10.1   Fig 10.2 

Right-click menu inside variation mapping screen


Right-clicking on eBay listing title or Inventory Title inside the mapping screen (that appears after clicking Link button) brings up the following menu (Fig 10.1):

Copy- copies eBay title or Inventory title;

Unlink - unlinks Linnworks items from the listing;

Link all matched variations- links listings with the items that match them and are listed in the upper right-hand side of the screen;

Create all not matched variations- creates new items for all the variations within the current listing that do not have matching Linnworks items;

Link/Create all variations- combines Link all matched variations and Create all not matched variations options.

  Fig 9.1 


Important things to remember about mapping

Default values for shipping service

If you generate templates for listings using eBay mapping tool and later will decide to update services within the configurator and specify default values for each service, these values will then be reflected on every single listing within this configurator. 

So if there is one separate shipping service for each of your listing, all these shipping services will be specified in the extended properties in the configurator. If you enter a default value for each service and update the listings, then all the shipping services from the configurator will appear in all the listings with the default values specified.

Updating HTML Template

When templates are generated using eBay mapping tool, you have to consider that LinnLive inserts all descriptions, including HTML templates from your listings, in a template description (unless Parse short description option is enabled). Before you update HTML Template of the configurator that has been used for mapping, you should update the template description. 

You can update template descriptions in bulk from a csv file using Data Import Tool. Then you can insert new HTML template into the configurator.

Image import during mapping

Ebay mapping tool does not import images to the system.

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