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Listing (variation) products on eBay

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Using the Variation functionality in Linnworks, you can quickly and easily create Variation listings on eBay using LinnLive. 

A Variation Group consists of a number of Linnworks SKUs, referred to as Variation Child SKUs, and is controlled by a single Variation Parent SKU. A Linnworks SKU can be a Variation Child for more than one Variation Parent SKU. Variation Parent SKUs hold details common to all the items in a listing (Title, Brand, Line), while changing information such as Colour and Size is held against the individual Variation Child SKUs.

In LinnLive, you would use a Variation-compatible Configurator, and select the Variation Parent SKU to list. A Variation-compatible Configurator will expect the Variation Child SKUs to include appropriate Extended Properties to control the listing options.


A listing includes Boots in 3 Colours and 4 Sizes – Red, Green, Blue and S, M, L, XL.

All 12 of the Variation Child SKUs should include the same named Extended Properties for Colour and Size. The Variation Parent could have Brand and Style Name Extended Properties, as these would not vary.


When creating a Variation-Compatible configurator, you don’t have to use different configurators depending on which Extended Properties are being used (ie If some of your products have different materials, while some only differ in size and/or colour).

If you point the configurator at a specific Extended Property for controlling Configurators, say VarColour instead of Colour, then if it’s not present LinnLive won’t create a drop down for it. This avoids listings where a drop down only shows one colour, for example. The basic colour Extended Property can still be used in the main listing without affecting the presence of the Variation control.


An eBay channel integrated with Linnworks.

A Variation Group with a Variation Parent SKU in the Linnworks Inventory.

A Variation compatible configurator for Amazon should have been created.

Quick Guide

  • 1. Open the Variations screen in LinnLive.
  • 2. Select the Variation Group to list.
  • 3. Select configurator.
  • 4. Review Listings.
  • 5. Confirm additional images.
  • 6. Confirm creation of listings.

Detailed Guide

1. Open the Variations screen in LinnLive.
  • a) Open LinnLive;
  •     i) In Linnworks, click on the Inventory Control tab. Select Product Listing.
  •     ii) In your web browser, open the page
  • b) In the LinnLive main menu, click on the Variations button.Login
2. Select the Variation Group to list.
  • a) Where you have few Variation Groups in your Linnworks inventory, you can just click on the Search button.
  •     i) You can enter part of the name of the group before clicking on Search to narrow down the list, or use the enhanced search options.Login
  •     ii) You can use the Category drop down to display all Variation Groups containing items from that category.Login
  •     iii) You can use the Mode drop down box to display items listed, not listed or with errors on a given integrated Linnworks channel.Login
  • b) Click on the Variation Group you wish to list. You can hold down Ctrl to select multiple groups simultaneously by left clicking each in turn.Login
3. Select configurator.
  • a) With the Variation Groups selected, right click on the appropriate Channel Name column.
  • b) Select the Create Listings option.Login
  • c) Click on the Configurator you wish to use.Login
  • d) If you cannot see the Configurator, you may need to check and revise it.
4. Review Listings.
  • a) The Listings screen will now display information on the Variation groups selected in Step 3, via the selected configurator. Check that the details are correct before sending the listings to the Channel
  • b) Check the Title is correct. This is taken either from the Title of the Variation Parent, or from a Title in the Listing Descriptions tab of the Variation Parent for default or the channel in use.
  • c) Ensure the Description is ok. If the Description field is green, click on the button to check it. If the field is red, and the button is titled Empty, you can enter a Description manually. Alternatively, go back to the Inventory and update the Description, then return to this guide.
  • d) The Specifics column has a button in it with the number of mapped Attributes for that listing. Click the button and ensure they are correct. If not, revise in the inventory, and return to the start of this guide to resubmit.
Note: Ensure your Variant fields are not mapped in the attributes section. If they are, then return to the Specifications and remap them.
  • e) Under the Variations column, click on the button to ensure that all are mapped correctly. If the background to the button is red, this indicates a value is missing. The missing values will be highlighted in red. You CAN make changes to missing or erroneous Variations in this screen, but those changes will not affect the Inventory items.
Note: Ensure that you have specified which Variation field images are associated with. If All variation pictures will be associated with is set to Main Colour, for example, and there are 2 colours of your item, then LinnLive will select an image for each colour to submit to the listing. Where there are multiple images per entry (Colour), ensure you have selected the option Allow multiple images. Once the listing has been submitted, you will not be able to change the All variation pictures will be associated with setting.
  • f) Check the Browse Nodes are correct by clicking on the button. The default Browse Node should be checked as Selected.
  • g) In the Images column, click the button to check that the images you have added to the Inventory items have been submitted correctly. The list shows all Variation Children and the Variation Parent, with the images available next to them.
  •     i.    The Download Images from Linnworks button can be used to ensure the latest images are being used.
  •     ii.   If you tick the option Allow multiple images, then each variation item can have more than one image uploaded when the listing is created.
  •     iii.  The option Don’t use variation pictures can be enabled if you only want to list with pictures from the variation parent. An example would be where size is the only variation, and the difference does not            show significantly in pictures.
  •     iv.  Select all images can be enabled to quickly select all images for all items to be uploaded when listing.
  •     v.  Disable images for non-Main Products will only submit images from the Variation Child item marked as the main item when listing.

Remember to click Save if you make any changes.

5. Confirm additional images.
  • a) When you click the button for Images, under each item entry there is an option to Upload Image. This allows you to add images for this specific listing item(s) in addition to those saved in the Inventory.
  • b) When clicking on the Upload Image option, you can select either From Computer or From Other site.                                                              
  •     i. From Computer allows you to locate the image file on your PC and open it to upload it into LinnLive.
  •     ii. From Other Site will request you Copy and Paste or type in the location of the image on a web server.
  • c) You will be prompted to select the correct image type:                                                              
  •     i. None – The image will be disabled, and not shown on the listing.
  •     ii. Main Image – The image will be selected as Main Image for that SKU/item.
  •     iii. Other Image – The image will be uploaded as an additional image for that SKU/item.
  •     iv. Swatch Image – For Variation items only, one swatch image can be uploaded. It will be shown below the main image as a thumbnail. Eg. Close up of colour/fabric/detail.
  •     Where a Variation Child item has no images uploaded, it will use the main image from the Variation Parent instead.
  • d) After the upload is complete, the image will be shown against the SKU, assuming you selected the correct option.
  • e) Click Save to apply any changes made.

6. Confirm creation of listings.

Confirm creation of listings.
Listings are submitted to eBay in batches of up to 1,000 items/SKUs per eBay account. 

These batches are submitted every 5 minutes, and where there are more than 50 items to submit, batches will roll over to subsequent 5 minute periods. You must leave LinnLive open until all the items in the current batch(es) have been submitted. This is signified by the Status field.

  • a) Click Create to submit listings for creation one at a time.
  • b) Click Ctrl and left click listings to select multiple listings, or Ctrl + A to select all current listings. Then click on Process Selected to submit all those selected to eBay.


What should I do if I delete a Variation Parent Item?

After creating a listing in LinnLive, please remember that you should NOT delete the Variation Parent. While stock levels can still be synchronized, you would no longer be able to push updates for Prices, Titles, Descriptions, Images or Specifics to the listing, as the link is through the Variation Parent. You can change the Variation Name or SKU, as LinnLive can still maintain the link, but deleting it will break the connection.

If you DO delete a Variation Parent, then you would need to recreate the listing, since LinnLive cannot remap Amazon listings after the Variation Parent is deleted.

What happens when LinnLive submits my images to eBay as part of a listing?

When you submit a listing to eBay, we pass a URL (Web Address) for the image from one of two places – Our own image server, if you imported them as Images, or from an external web server, if you imported external properties with the image URLs.

When we submit those images from your own server, they arrive in their native format – Size, colour depth, etc. If you import them to our Image server, they may be resized, as the maximum image size on our Image servers are 1800 x 1800. A copy of the image is stored by eBay, for use in your listing’s gallery.

Videos and Files

eBay listing variation products

The video shows how to list multi-variation listings on eBay in LinnLive. We show how to import products, prices, descriptions and attributes for variation products into Linnworks, create eBay configurator for variations and list products to eBay.